PreK Sunday School


Click on the lesson link to download the lesson. A photo copy of each lesson will be in the lesson box in the Nursery at Church along with all the needed materials for that week.

January 21 - Lesson 6 - Jane

January 28 - Lesson 7 - Jackie and Susi

February 4 - Lesson 8 - Ruth

February 4 - Group Meeting after Church - 30 minutes

February 11 - Lesson 9 - Jane

February 18 - Lesson 10 - Jackie

February 25 - Lesson 11 - Ruth

March 4 - Lesson 12 - Jane

March 4 - Group Meeting after Church - 30 minutes

March 11 - Lesson 13 - Jackie

March 18 - Lesson 1 - Ruth

March 25 - Lesson 2 - Susi

April 1 - Easter - no Sunday School

April 8 - Lesson 3 - Jane

April 8 - Group Meeting after Church - 30 minutes

April 15 - Lesson 5 - Jackie

April 22 - Lesson 6 - Ruth

April 29 - Lesson 7 - Jane


What an amazing gift the PreK Sunday School Teachers at Luther Community Church are to the children and parents. This role is no small blessing to the lives it touches and we are so grateful!  To set realistic expectations here is a list of the responsibilities in the class room and to prepare for each class before you teach. 

  • Please review the schedule above and let Susi know if those dates do not work for you.
  • If you have agreed to a date but can not make it last minute, please give a call to the other team members to see if they might be able to take over or switch with you. 
  • Each date and class has a corresponding lesson. The lesson and supplies will be placed in a box in the class room. The week before your class, please take the box home to prepare for the week. 
  • Review the lessons during the week prior to your class and make sure all supplies are present. If they are not, please let Susi know and I will help get the supplies for you prior to class
  • During class, welcome students and take attendance on the wall attendance sheet. 
  • There are on average about 4-5 children in each class. The ages of the children range from 2 - 5. If the younger children are distracted attempt to re-engage them or let the play quietly.
  • After class checkin with Susi to discuss what went well and what could be done better for future classes.
  • Meet as a teachers group once per month to discuss what is working and what we could do better.