Susi Milligan is a business and marketing strategist. Her mission is to help businesses and their owners unearth their potential. Susi specializes in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to define and clearly communicate their brands. She helps businesses at the critical point of moving from the individual as the brand to the business as the brand. Once the brand is established, Susi helps define businesses create a results driven marketing plan and finds the right partners to help execute.

Susi spent her career as a marketing strategist helping large and small businesses set themselves apart and create sustainable brands and profitable businesses. Clients include IBM, SC Johnson, Western Union, and Sabra Hummus. She is also a social entrepreneur and the founder of TRUE Mentors ( a one-to-one mentoring program for children in Hoboken, NJ. 

As an entrepreneur herself, Susi is drawn towards the challenges of small businesses and start ups. She focuses her efforts on providing marketing solutions that are cost efficient and results driven specifically for small businesses and start ups. Susi partners with designers, programmers and social media experts to provide the best services possible for greater cost efficiency.

"Entrepreneurs are often juggling so many aspects of their business, they find working with me gives them peace of mind."

Driven by her Christian faith, Susi's business approach is to provide a quality product by understanding client's needs, setting expectations appropriately and providing a consistent level of work and results for each client.

Susi's detailed work history can be viewed online at

twitter @susimilligan