Weekly Virtual Group

Weekly Call In Details

Starting Thursday, January 7, 2016 through Thursday, February 25 at 12:30 PM EST.

Download the Join.me app at http://join.me OR go to https://join.me/susimilligan 

Call in numbers based on area: 

United States - Atlanta, GA   +1.404.801.3225 
United States - Camden, DE   +1.302.202.5900 
United States - Detroit, MI   +1.734.746.0035 
United States - Hartford, CT   +1.860.970.0010 
United States - Los Angeles, CA   + 
United States - New York, NY   +1.646.307.1990 
United States - San Francisco, CA   +1.415.655.0381 
United States - Saugus, MA   +1.781.666.2350 
United States - Tampa, FL   +1.813.769.0500 
United States - Washington, DC   +1.202.602.1295 
Access Code   888-623-388# 



Week 1: Wheel of Life Exercise: Fill in the wheel of life before or during the call and we can discuss, questions and thoughts around it.

Resources: Wheel of Life Exercise Sheet
Homework: Choose 1-2 area(s) to focus for the next 7 weeks.

Week 2: Dream: Create a vision board. We will go through the steps of creating a vision board either virtually or physically to help us see where we want to go with the new area of life we are focusing on from the wheel of life.

Homework: Create a vision board.
Week 3: Create a Plan of Action starting with the SMART goals and then brainstorming some first steps towards reaching the goals. We will also look at the "why" behind my vision board. Where do I go for answers? bible, others, myself, etc.

Resources: Smart Goals Template

Homework: Fill in the SMART goals template and brainstorm a list of first steps. Think more about where you go for answers. Are my resources reliable? Go back to the vision board and see if I would make any changes to it with insights from the smart goals and resources.

Week 4: Evaluate: Am I using my god given talents to help me reach my goals? 

Resources: Strength Finder Test.

Homework: Evaluate if I am using my strengths in my first steps on my Plan of Action. 

Week 5: Encourage: We have taken a few steps so far, what have we learned? Would be great to share, encourage and be encouraged.
Week 6:  Ask: biggest questions/challenges. What things are holding you back from moving forward with your Plan of Action?
Week 7: Celebrate: what are the biggest take aways from the last 6 weeks? 
Week 8: Review: fill in the wheel again. Define next steps.