Why do we get stuck?

Everyone gets stuck.  

I was stuck launching this website. It was ready two weeks ago except for a small break in the code on one page. Rather than make the small change and launch, I became distracted by a shift in my target audience and updating the business plan, then the marketing plan, then a new technique I learned with clients, blahblahblah. And the next thing I know it is two weeks later and I'm wondering why I haven't launched the website.

Am I lazy? Do I lack focus? 

Everyday I thought about it but made excuses that thinking through the other things was necessary first before I launched. So I actually was doing something.

I want to be more disciplined in my processes and my distractions were a good example of where I am not being disciplined. Why was it taking me so long to get the website up?  I brought this up with my coach and their question was "How do you FEEL about launching the website?"

Bingo. I had an insight. I was AFRAID.

Launching meant this is official, I am really launching my own practice, working for myself, and every risk and reward that goes with it. Fear was holding me back from launching. But an amazing thing happened when I had the insight, I could no longer avoid the truth and I had amazing clarity about the fear that made it less scary. I was now ready to take action.

That's what happens in coaching. 

Your coach asks you questions. You have an insight. You become clear. You take action. It seems simple but sometimes there is so much stuff to go through to get to the big insight that it takes a while. But it works. This post is proof. The website is launched.  

Are you stuck? Do you need a coach?